Product Pictures & Merch Design


Selected works in which I had a significant role in creating, whether that be as the Director, Producer, Editor, or any combination of both. I am formally trained in filmmaking from Pre-Production all the way to Post, and therefore have experience with each major role in the filmmaking process. Often times I create a project entirely on my own.For additional information or requests to view a specific work, please feel free to contact me.
*Please note, due to some NDA's and certain company policies, I am unable to share some works.

Gabrielle has worked in the independent & freelance scene since 2012.She holds a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Film Studies with a Minor in Entrepreneurship from the University of North Carolina, Wilmington in 2018.She is interested in work that features fantasy storytelling and otherworldly characters. Her work has recently dabbled in folklore, fairytales, and other fantastical elements. This is not the only niche she works in however. She also has an interest in STEM & medical research, which can be seen throughout her past work.Some of her STEM-inclined graphic design and editing work has been featured in major news outlets such as BBC, The Washington Post, and The National Inquirer.When she is not behind the camera or computer screen, she enjoys taking naps with cats, eating delicious food, and managing her small art focused Etsy store, Noirnicorn Productions.